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How we create photographs that last a lifetime

A lot goes into creating beautiful wedding photography, but perhaps the biggest advantage to shooting wedding photography in Townsville is the most important element of all, lighting.

Queensland is known as the sunshine state for good reason and Townsville is no exception to this.

Picture a bride and groom backed by the soft yellow radiance of a sunrise, or the moody oranges of a sunset and you can see why wedding photography in Townsville works so well.

It adds a touch of natural beauty to any photoshoot, bathing newlyweds in the incandescence of a setting sun can produce a shot that is as beautiful in forty years as it was on the day that it was taken.

Finding the right way to capture light in a photograph is a complex process, but with years of experience we believe that our expertise creates wedding photography that speaks for itself.

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Choosing the perfect wedding photo.

Portrait photography doesn’t have to be dull and lifeless. Shooting wedding photography in Townsville creates endless possibilities when it comes to creating a photoshoot that is uniquely tailored to a bride and groom on their special day.

Beach photoshoots have always been incredibly popular when it comes to wedding photography and for good reason. Take one look at the sandy beaches and deep blue water around Townsville and picture how you and your partner would look standing together, hand in hand, backed by such natural beauty.

Or maybe you’re looking to express yourselves as a couple with a love for adventure.

A photoshoot amongst the lush greenery of tropical Queensland can add a strong connection to nature, allowing couples to express their love for the outdoors on their special day.

All this is on our doorstep and it’s just another reason why we absolutely love shooting wedding photography in Townsville.

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Choosing the right wedding photographer for the job.

With all this being said, it can’t be stressed enough that choosing a photographer in Townsville who is local to the area is one of the most important things to do when planning a wedding photoshoot.

By the very essence of our business, we must be knowledgeable about every part of the place we work in.

Being a photographer in Townsville means we know not only the best locations, but also the best time of the day to shoot there, a factor which is crucial for high quality wedding photography.


Unlike other wedding photographers in Townsville, we see the big picture and plan for all occasions to ensure that the portraits you receive are exactly what you envisioned.

But with such a unique and vibrant city at our back, it’s no wonder we absolutely love shooting wedding photography in Townsville.

Backed by this local knowledge, we can work with you to create and capture the wedding scene you’ve always dreamed of, something you can hang on the wall forever as a reminder that special day in your life.


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