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Townsville Photography Done Professionally.

Being a good photographer in Townsville does not mean mastering the art of using the camera nor is he defined by the equipment he uses but it is about his natural ability to capture the beauty in the most ordinary objects.

With that being said, the best photographer in Townsville is one who not only has the talent but also uses his tools to the limit to make sure every photo is picture perfect.

At ProLight Photography, every project is executed with a unique theme and style with a high attention to detail.

From the precise use of lighting within an indoor photoshoot for the home you’re selling, to the dream like focus capturing your café barista pouring the perfect cappuccino.

ProLight Photography doesn’t just capture the moment, ProLight captures the very essence of the available field of view. ProLight is the Photographer Townsville has been longing for.

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Prolight Photography Offers A Wide Range of Photography Services including

Fashion Photography

Portrait Photography

Pet Photography

Event Photography

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The qualities a photographer in Townsville possesses is what will make your personal or commercial project unique.

To make the right choice, consider the following:

Do Not Underestimate the Power of Creative Photography.

Photography is also a form of art and therefore, most of the best photographers are creative souls. It requires imagination and visualisation on the photographer’s part to be able to turn an ordinary scene into a breathtaking shot.

Few photographers in Townsville can interpret one subject in a thousand different ways, whilst using their skills to convey the message through a Camera, like ProLight Photography can for your business.

The composition is what makes or breaks a photograph but without mastering it, a person cannot take the perfect picture. There are certain rules that can help you in composing, but a born photographer will think outside of the box and use their imagination to set a stellar scene.

imagination of a townsville photographer

A Photographer in Townsville Pays Attention to Details

Possessing a keen eye for detail is necessary in order to make all the different elements of a photograph work well together.

The subject, lighting, composition and other elements have to be in complete harmony for the photo to work. This is the only way a photo’s story can be conveyed.

The smallest detail can change the perspective of the viewer which is why ProLight Photography, one of the best photographers in Townsville, is meticulous when preparing for a photoshoot.

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Feel free to get in contact with any specific project details or pricing inquiries.

personal photography

Personal Photography

Portraits, Events, Pets!

commerical photography

Commercial Photography

Cafes, Retail, Teams

Quality Photography Guarantee.

No matter how hard they try, some things just cannot be controlled, like the weather for instance. A good photographer anticipates everything that can go wrong and be prepared for the worst.

The lighting might not be how you want it to be and the subject might not right at first, but photography is all about waiting for the right moment and then being ready to try again if things don’t work out the first time round.

A Prolight Photographer experiments with each image, to perfect that one image.

No matter what the field or subject the photographer knows they might have to spend hours get everything in the way it is supposed to be.

Especially when photographing people, business scenarios or properties. Persistence is the only way to get the best photographs. Just because the composition is not according to what was planned does not mean ProLight Photography will give up on the photoshoot.

The professional photographer in Townsville will know how to find another way to make the best of a bad situation.

A Photographer in Townsville Makes Everyone Feel Right at Home

Photographers who pursue the field as a profession will have to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. It is their job to make the client feel at ease.

Everyone gets super conscious when they are being photographed and is the photographer’s duty to get them relaxed and feel at ease with being photographed.

It is not enough to just be friendly, but the art is in how to draw out the emotions that deserves to be captured on camera. Interacting with your staff and customers without distracting the workday is essential for a successful commercial photoshoot.

A Photographer in Townsville Makes Everyone Feel Right at Home
A Passion For Photogarphy That Shines Through.

The thing that separates a good photographer from an exceptional one is passion. Someone who loves photography will always reflect it in their shots.

Taking every photo with vision and an added creative flare can’t be replicated. They are ready to push harder and strive for the best picture no matter what it takes.

A Photographer in Townsville Determined to Perfect Lighting, Putting you in the Spotlight.

Lighting is the most important aspects of photography - without it, no photograph can exist. The principle of photography is capturing light to tell a story, and, without the perfect lighting, the results will be lackluster.

A photographer in Townsville knows how to use and manipulate light to enhance the best qualities of the photoshoots focus. They can also create light in situations where it is not sufficient, using tools, creativity and experience. It is essential that they understand the colour, direction and quality of light in order to take better pictures.

The rule not only applies to natural lighting but also holds true for the pictures taken in studios or on sets. A photographer with a keen eye does not let bad lighting stop them from missing out a good photo opportunity.

They can use it in a way to create the visual that they have imagined. And as the saying goes “If you can’t find the light, you make the light”

And that’s not all a photographer in Townsville Does…

This list is subjective and the talents of a photographer are not only limited to those mentioned here.

It is not possible for someone to claim they can take an excellent photograph every time and the photographer is always learning how they can continue to improve upon their art.

The only thing that remains constant in every competent professional’s profile is that they are committed to telling the stories that need to be told using the tools and skills they have learned or been born with.

Whether it is an important occasion, a beautiful scenery or a photoshoot for no reason, a photographer in Townsville understands the needs of their clients and creates the images that they will want to treasure for a lifetime.

commerical photography

Commercial Photography

Cafes, Retail, Teams

personal photography

Personal Photography

Portraits, Events, Pets!


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